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HVAC Maintenance Services In Oakton, VA

Consistent HVAC maintenance is key to extending the life of your heating and cooling unit. It’s also an excellent way to gauge performance while uncovering hidden dangers.

For $205 per system, Airecom Services LLC will perform a complete evaluation of your unit – making sure to report any issues found along the way. Once you sign up for this 1-year maintenance agreement, you’ll receive:

If you’re in Oakton, VA or the surrounding area, call now to learn more about our HVAC maintenance plan.

Learn The Benefits Of HVAC Seasonal Maintenance

HVAC seasonal maintenance is key to keeping your unit in good shape despite harsh weather conditions. Checking for performance issues also:

Saves you money on costly replacements, Prepares your unit for seasonal changes, Refreshes your unit after extended use

We suggest getting HVAC seasonal maintenance during the spring and fall months to prepare for the coming season. To learn more about our service contracts, call 703-720-0812. We offer free estimates on full system replacements in Oakton, VA, and surrounding areas.

HVAC Contractors in Oakton, VA: Why Ice Build-Up on Your AC Is a Serious Concern

Ice buildup on your air conditioner is not just a minor inconvenience; it’s a serious concern that could have major implications for both your comfort and your wallet. If left untreated, this issue could lead to costly repairs down the line or even total system failure. Here’s why you need to take ice accumulation on your AC seriously.

One of the primary reasons ice buildup is so detrimental is that it impedes the normal functioning of your air conditioning unit. The cold refrigerant that circulates through the unit’s evaporator coil is supposed to absorb heat from the air, thus cooling it. However, when ice forms on the coil, it acts as an insulator, preventing the refrigerant from absorbing heat effectively.

Not only does this result in less effective cooling, but it could also cause other parts of your AC system to work harder in order to compensate for the loss in cooling capacity. This could lead to increased wear and tear, potentially shortening your unit’s lifespan.

Furthermore, when ice melts off from your AC unit and drips onto other components, this can cause water damage. Over time, this can corrode and damage these components or even lead to electrical short-circuits.


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