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Is it Worth it to replace the AC unit?

Your current AC unit serves your home well until the day it decides to call it quits. So, you call an HVAC contractor or technician to come and take a look, and they tell you that your AC unit needs a repair that may cost you half the price of a new unit. You’re now stuck in a dilemma

Is it better to repair or replace air conditioner?

Your current AC unit serves your home well until the day it decides to call it quits. So, you call an HVAC contractor or technician to come and take a look, and they tell you that your AC unit needs a repair that may cost you half the price of a new unit. You’re now stuck in a dilemma about is it worth it to replace the AC unit? After all, a new AC unit isn’t cheap.

So, how do you know if it’s worth it to replace your current AC unit with a new one? And, if you still decide to go ahead with the AC replacement, how do you find a good one? Let’s take an in-depth look to find out if replacing your AC unit is worth it!

What are the Benefits of AC Replacement?

An efficiently working air conditioning unit is a necessity in hotter regions and summers for your
and your family members’ comfort. Although an AC unit brings years of comfort to your life, it
requires a replacement once its lifespan is over. Usually, any air conditioning unit lasts for around ten years, and after that, you will have to get yourself ready for another significant

Here are some benefits of a new home AC replacement:

Greater Energy Efficiency

We regularly get enhanced versions of all appliances and devices in this fast-paced technology world. As the technology improves in a decade, getting the air conditioning unit with enhanced features and better functioning is vital. One of the significant benefits of a new AC unit is that it is great for your house’s energy consumption.

This justifies that your new ac unit will provide greater energy efficiency than your current unit. Usually, any air conditioner must have a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of a minimum of 15. This is not the fixed ratio as there are air conditioners in the market with a lot greater proportion — the greater the ratio, the better the energy efficiency of the ac unit.

Reduced Electricity Bills

As we have mentioned above, a new air conditioner offers greater energy efficiency and reduced energy consumption, ensuring reduced electricity bills. With the evident reduction in energy consumption comes the surprising change in your bill. The remarkable reduction in monthly electricity bills is a good enough reason to replace the air conditioning unit. Undoubtedly, getting a new ac unit is a significant investment but a reliable one. It is essential for your comfort and health in the hot weather and beneficial for your pocket.
So, if you are tired of those big numbers on your electricity bill, it is time that you get a new and advanced air conditioning unit.

Lower Operating and Repair Costs

With time, the air conditioning unit starts to wear out even when properly maintained. Therefore, any old ac unit can not function reliably and efficiently. The regular wear and tear of the ac unit mean considerable repair costs even when you are using the ac unit properly and well-maintained.

Therefore, a new air conditioning unit promises more significant energy efficiency and cooling and helps you get rid of all those regular repair costs. So, when your ac unit comes for common repairs, it is time that you consider getting a replacement; a new air conditioning unit will not only perform optimally but will not be prone to any wear and tear or problems. Moreover, most ac units also come with warranties that will cover the minor repairs for some years.

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Better Cooling Capacity

You cannot deny that a new air conditioner provides optimum performance and has better
cooling capacity. The primary purpose of any air conditioner is to reduce the temperature of any
room to a comfortable level and reduce the humidity. With an HVAC replacement, you will get
the optimum temperature and performance.

As an ac unit ages, it doesn’t provide the optimum cooling that it is supposed to. You will realize that it is time to get a new air conditioning unit if you want to get the optimum cooling and better comfort.

Improves the Air Quality

As you might already know, an air conditioner is responsible for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your house and keeping the air clean. Various air conditioners are being produced that come with an integrated improved air quality technology. These air conditioners
provide ventilation, air purification, humidity control, and temperature maintenance.

If you invest in a new air conditioner with advanced air quality technology, it will help you eliminate all the air pollutants, molds, dust, and pollen from your home’s air. This is why an efficient air conditioning unit is necessary for your family’s health. If you are looking for ac units
that tackle humidity well and are great for ventilation, you can consider those that come with HVAC add-ons. Also, you can dehumidify and recover ventilators that suit your place.

Offer Advanced Features Compatibility

The market is full of advanced technology add-ons and high-tech features that you might want to experience. This might not be possible if you have an older model of the air conditioning unit because they are not compatible with these latest features. Many new features include zoning systems, intelligent thermostat switching, and various energy-efficient features.


Do you want your air conditioner to have all those latest features? For that, you will need a new air conditioner compatible with all the new high-end tech features and add-ons. Make sure to choose the suitable air conditioning unit that provides the latest technology features you are
looking for.

What does AC Replacement Include?

Once the lifespan of your AC unit exceeds, it will become necessary to replace it if you want to benefit from it without any inconvenience. Typically, an air conditioning unit lasts for approximately ten to twelve years, and after that, you must get it replaced. To replace the old air
conditioning unit, you will need the help of a professional. The professional will come and remove and replace both the indoor air handler and the outdoor compressor.

Moreover, appropriate tools are needed to remove the refrigerant and replace the ductwork, which licensed professionals can only do. As all the pulling and replacing tasks require a particular experience and tools, homeowners cannot perform the job independently.

A complete replacement includes replacing the central unit, the refrigerant, the ductwork, and the outdoor compressor. You don’t have to worry if you are looking for an AC replacement near Woodbridge, VA, as we are here at your rescue. Our team of professionals will visit your
residential or commercial property and replace your air conditioning unit for you. Give us a call now at (703) 720 – 0812 for a free estimate.

The Central Unit

Replacing the central ac unit is the major part of the process. The central air conditioning that consists of two different parts, an indoor one and an outdoor one, is responsible for providing comfortable air in your home. The indoor unit or the air handler is located on the main level of
the house, while the outdoor unit, also referred to as the compressor, is located somewhere outside. The compressor should be located outside, far from the window, because it can be very noisy.

The air handler consists of an air exchanger and blower. The professionals will disconnect both units from the air duct system. Now they will clean or replace the ductwork, replace the whole unit with a new one, and recharge the refrigerant to get the cold air you want.

The Duct Work

There is an entire fixed and rigid ductwork behind your central air conditioning system. This ductwork is responsible for releasing air into all corners of your home. All this ductwork is hidden and is highly airtight. While replacing the air conditioning unit, the professionals will analyze the condition of this ductwork and tell you if it can be cleaned or requires a replacement.

The skilled professionals will also check if the ductwork is as airtight as possible because the more airtight it is, the more efficient the air conditioning unit. This is because there is no room for the air to escape from, which results in better cooling.


As you might already know, freon gas is harmful to the environment, so its release into the atmosphere is strictly monitored. This is why the refrigerant in any air conditioning unit is strictly monitored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The agency ensures that the minimum amount of freon is released into the environment through this strict control.

Because of these strict rules on the refrigerant, only certified technicians that have appropriate equipment are allowed to work with the refrigerant of your air conditioning unit. Whether it needs a refill, a replacement, or a recharge of refrigerant for your ac unit needs, you will have to contact a certified technician to do the task for you. Even if you want to run a test on the refrigerant of your ac unit to check if it is working correctly, you cannot do it on your own, and you will need a certified professional for that too.

AC Replacement Cost

If you consider an ac unit replacement, you will be wondering about the ac replacement cost. You might already know that it is quite a significant investment and will require a couple of thousand dollars. Even though this might be a little heavy on your pocket at the time, it is a
necessary investment and will benefit you greatly in the long run. A properly working air conditioning system is essential for the comfort and health of all residents.

AC unit replacement costs for any home range from $4350 – $12095. This price range includes everything from the permit cost to the labor cost. Various factors are responsible for the variation in this cost. Some of these factors are listed below;

● The efficiency of the ac unit
● Power of the system
● The capacity of the unit
● HVAC equipment is not being replaced.
● Tax credits and rebates
● Modifications
● Add-ons and latest features
● Installation costs

The cost of any air conditioning unit might change because of various factors. Some things that cause a change in the price of any ac unit are:

1. Inflation
2. Durability
3. Material cost
4. Manufacturing standards
5. Latest technology features integration
6. Evolution of technology

As the costs of air conditioning units vary and change, you must estimate the cost with the help of a professional. You can analyze your requirements and provide all the details to the expert so that they can tell you what you need and how much you will need to invest for that. The
professional will estimate your ac replacement cost and guide you about the factors that might affect those costs.

Contact the Best Locally-Owned HVAC Installation and Maintenance Contractor in Woodbridge, VA

After going through all the benefits mentioned above, you might know that replacing an old ac unit is necessary and installing a new one is worth it with all the advantages. No doubt you cannot imagine going even a day without air conditioning if you live in a hot region, so it has to be a necessary investment.

If you have decided and know that it is time to get an air conditioning unit replacement, you will have to hire a professional. We are one of the best locally-owned HVAC installation and maintenance contractors in the region and can help you throughout the process.

Our professionals can guide you about anything you want regarding your air conditioning unit and can provide an estimated cost. They can also do all the replacement without causing you much inconvenience. So, save yourself the trouble of figuring out a solution yourself and take expert help from our professionals. We have years of experience, license, certification, and necessary tools to do all your air conditioning fixing and replacing tasks. To avail of our services, give us a call at (703) 720 – 0812 now!