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Is a mini split better than a central AC?

As a homeowner selecting a suitable cooling unit is an important decision. When selecting a new AC unit for your home, you must evaluate whether installing a new HVAC system for your home or individual mini splits is better. The primary benefit of a mini split is that you can save on your energy expenses. You will also find that you can control the temperature easily with a mini split AC. There are several other factors to consider when installing a new air conditioning unit in your home, some of which are discussed below.

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Which is more energy-efficient central air or mini split?

The simple answer to this question is that a mini split is more energy-efficient than a more extensive HVAC system. When you compare an HVAC with a mini-split, you will first find no ducts in a mini-split air conditioning system. As a result, there is no energy loss while conveying the cold air. If you find this to be confusing, the following list will simplify it for you:

  • When cold air is conveyed through the AC ducts, energy will be lost through dissipation. In other words, a certain amount of energy will get lost during the passage from the central air conditioning unit to the room. However, in a ductless mini-split, you will find no chance of energy loss as there is no dissipation of the cold air. Instead, the cold air is generated within the single unit and released into the room. The working of a mini split air conditioner is like that of a window AC, making it more energy-efficient than a central air conditioner.
  • If you are looking for the best AC unit for your house, it is vital to check the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER of a mini split against that of central AC. SEER ratings are provided along with the air conditioners; when you purchase one, you need to check for these. For example, if you buy an AC with a 20 SEER rating, you will find that it 25% it consumes less energy compared to an AC with a 16 SEER unit. You will discover that mini-splits always have higher SEER ratings compared to central air conditioners, making these ACs more energy efficient than a central air conditioner.
  • Another factor that affects an air conditioner’s energy efficiency is the AC’s tonnage. As the tonnage of a central air conditioner is higher than that of a mini-split, the former will be less energy efficient than that of a mini-split. This means if you keep an HVAC running for the same amount of time as a mini-split, the number of units of electricity consumed by the HVAC will be higher than that of a mini-split. Thus, a mini split’s energy efficiency is also better than that of a central air conditioner.

While evaluating the energy efficiency, you need to consider the cooling effect of both air conditioners. A mini-split is sufficient if you are trying to cool a small room. However, energy efficiency will only be protected if it is a large room. You must install a mini split of a more considerable tonnage and keep it switched on for a more extended period for efficient cooling. Hence, it is best to discuss the cooling effect and the energy efficiency of a mini split with an AC contractor near Fairfax, VA, before installing one in your home.

Should I replace central air with mini splits?

You can choose if you plan on changing your home’s air conditioners. You can either replace the entire HVAC system in your house or install mini splits in the individual rooms of your house. Now both have pros and cons. The major con of an HVAC system is the higher energy bill and the extensive maintenance that the system requires.

During the summer, you must opt for regular maintenance to ensure the HVAC system functions optimally. With a mini-split, you will find that maintenance becomes more manageable. You do not have to worry about a complete system breakdown, making the entire house uninhabitable during summer.

Even if one of the mini splits in your house malfunctions, you can move from that room into the guest room for a day. Rarely will such a situation occur where all the mini-split ACs in your house begin to malfunction together. Hence, the chances of all the rooms becoming uninhabitable are slim. Thus, homeowners often feel that replacing the central air conditioner in their homes with mini splits is a good idea. Some of the benefits of mini-splits are as follows:

  • Mini-splits can prove to be an excellent investment: If you plan on installing the best AC unit for your house, you must evaluate the cooling requirements for your home. In most cases, installing individual mini splits for the rooms is sufficient to decrease the temperature. HVAC or a centralized air conditioning system is suitable for bigger rooms. However, you will find that in the long run, this requires more maintenance as the ducts of the central AC units need special maintenance so that these are clear. These must be installed correctly so that the condenser coils can easily send the cool air into the room. You will need to maintain the condenser coils; otherwise, you will end up with a dusty and malfunctioning AC which will not cool the rooms in your house correctly. Compared to that, mini splits are ductless air conditioners, so you do not have to worry about special maintenance of the condenser coils or the ducts. Thus, when it comes to maintenance expenses, the mini splits can be an excellent investment.
  • Mini split air conditioners are ideal for the health of your family: Another reason why AC contractors near Arlington, VA, prefer mini splits as a long-term investment and for the health of families is that these usually come with a HEPA-grade filtration system. This means these air conditioners will ensure that no airborne pollutants like pollen, fungi, and bacteria are released into the room through the ACs. If the ducts of an AC are cleaned regularly, will it decrease the air quality in the room and increase the dust content of the room? In other words, HVAC systems damage indoor air quality. Compared to that, you will find that a mini split AC will improve indoor air quality. As a result, you will find that this can help maintain your family’s health.

Similarly, you will find that mini split AC can prove to help dehumidify a room, which is essential if you live in a humid region. This can help keep several diseases at bay. A dry atmosphere can reduce cases of allergies in children and older people. Thus, by installing mini split ACs in the bedrooms of your home, you can improve your family’s health.

  • Mini split air conditioners are quiet: Homeowners often prefer mini split ACs because these are noiseless machines. In HVAC systems, the device is usually installed outside your home, but you will find that these tend to make a continuous sound the moment you switch on the air conditioners. Moreover, the sound can be pretty loud, and you will find that standing near these machines while the HVAC is switched on is quite troublesome. Compared to that, when you switch on a mini split, there is hardly any noise. You will find that there is only a gentle hum of the machine, and as there are no large ducts through which coolants or cool air move to cool a room, you will find no unusual sounds in the rooms. In the case of mini splits, the ACs are practically soundless.
  • Cleaning the filters of mini-split ACs is easy: If you observe that the cooling effect of a mini-split AC has reduced for some time, you can quickly remedy the situation by cleaning the filters. Sometimes, you can do this by yourself, and you do not need the help of maintenance personnel. However, in case of any major defect, it is best to hire experts, but you can do it as a DIY project for cleaning the filters. Nevertheless, cleaning any part of the AC is impossible in the case of a central air conditioner. If you find that it is not cooling correctly, you will have to call the experts, and only they can clean the ducts, condenser pipes, filters, or any other part of the AC.
  • Moreover, in the case of mini splits, you can improve the efficiency of the air conditioners simply by changing the filters every six months. However, you have no such option in the case of a central air conditioner. Changing any part of an HVAC system can be expensive, and you should not consider changing parts unless necessary.

Thus, as a homeowner, when evaluating which is better, a mini-split or an HVAC system, you need to consider several factors. A mini-split may be a better investment in the long run, but only when it comes to the smaller rooms of your home.

If you plan to change the ACs in your house’s bedrooms and guest rooms, opt for mini-split ACs. Here you can opt for a suitable tonnage of the ACs that will help you save on the energy bill and ensure adequate cooling.

Suppose you plan to change the ACs in your home’s living and dining rooms, which are more extensive with interconnecting passages that must also be temperature-controlled. In that case, you can opt for a centralized air conditioning system.

At the same time, you can save on the energy and maintenance expenses of the ACs. You will find that you are saving on the mini splits, which you can now spend on maintaining the central air conditioning in your house’s living and dining spaces.

Is a mini split cheaper to run than central air?

According to the AC contractor near Alexandria, VA, mini split air conditioners are more energy efficient than central air conditioners. Hence, a mini-split is cheaper than a central air conditioner. The primary reason behind this is that a mini-split is ductless; therefore, no energy is lost while cold air is conveyed through the ducts. Thus, you will find that the room stays cooler for a more extended period when you install a mini split compared to a central AC. This will reduce your energy expenses significantly in the long run.

When it comes to managing an AC, you must consider the maintenance expense. An HVAC system’s maintenance and installation are always higher than that of a mini-split. If you think about it, you will understand that an HVAC consists of complex machineries and ducts that must be installed separately and these also require construction and renovation of your home. However, a mini-split will require minimum changes to the structure of your house and you will only have to install an indoor and outdoor unit.

Another reason why mini-split ACs are cheaper to run is that there an indoor and outdoor units that are connected. However, there is no energy loss between this connection. The indoor unit will cool a specific room, making it ideal for your cooling needs. As there is no energy loss when the cool air is released into the room or when the condenser moves in or out of the coil, you will find that it effectively reduces your energy expenses. Thus, in the long run, you will find that your per-unit energy consumption has also decreased.

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